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Andreas, I get the same thing (and I have an original that came from Dave himself!)

Personally, I don't believe DiskSalv lives up to its potential, anyhow. There's several really stupid things in that program (like the means you have to select files to be recovered, the way sometimes you have to quit the program to get back to start over an operation, the cryptic buttons, etc.) I would have expected a better interface and operational use from someone like Haynie.

Mind you, I use the program quite regularly. There really aren't enough tools for this type of thing on the Amiga. The three major players are DiskSalv, Quarterback Tools, and AmiBack Tools. Back when I was really using these things, I needed all three (and some other old programs) since no one program provided all I needed for file and disk restoration. QBT certainly has its strengths. AmiBack Tools looks good, but is the lesser of the three, IMO.
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