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Ah, yes. As you can see the Zonbu is still on one piece!
Running an nLited version of XP very nicely.
Currently being used as a test system for a x86 MacSE project I'm working on. (see other stuff scattered around)
Too nice to butcher after all.

Indeed, 2X Oric Atmos - well, to be precise brand-new old stock (minus mobo)
Earmarked to be x86-ified when I find a suitable mobo that won't cost an arm and a leg! Going to be a v. tricky project so I'm taking a long run-up at it. (Hmmm, that Zonbu)
There's two, so if anyone wants a brand-new Amos shell for their Oric1...

Did you notice the A3020 lurking on the desk?
Working well.
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