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The people I work with don't mind me talking about games (although I rarely do) since a lot of them talk of games (only crappy modern stuff). What gets them rolling their eyes and making smart-ass gestures is when I use the "A" word (Amiga, natch). I can usually shut them up by showing them some Workbench screen grabs. Then I tell them how foolish they are making fun of a computer that is light years ahead of their crash box, when they've never even used one. Those Workbench screens really show a machine that is customizable and beautiful. Ever seen Windows look that good?

Anyway, that shuts them up and I feel smug, then when I talk about games, they know it's something better than their 3D FPS games (which I also make fun of regularly).

And my friends' jaws drop when they visit and see the mountain of boxed games. When my Amiga was working, I'd fire up Battle Squadron or something and let them play for a few minutes, then start showing them WHD euro demos. I could sell Amigas all day long doing this...
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