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Most archivers support lha unpacking. I had the need for lzx on the pc i used this on xp pc.

It must have worked or else i wouldn't have kept it.

I think winuae supported for this. Or was that lzx based images to adf, i've no winuae manual to check.

I heard total commander has support for both, haven't tested. Will have to check it, need it with a rmb context menu ability.

Edit: Have got total commander running, got many plugins. Just getting to grips with it. Gotta say to configure the plugins its gui is fiddly, and buggy. I'm left with entering them manualy into its .ini file, no harm done there.

I've tested it with a few formats so far lzx, rar and zip works. Next testing adf, dms disk type images. Just read its supports the likes of installer executables, now i'm going to give them a good testing. More for the Setup Factory v7 that other win32 extractors cannot unpack.

Drat got stuck on implementing multiarc wcx plugin, for all its file types. Try it as normal, lots of extensions to ad there. Thankfully not so many as the amiga multi archiver extractors have. I'll be still at it in a month/year if it had.

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