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It seems to me that Mr Babel, and to a lesser extent Andreas, are being quite petulant.

If the revised edition is basically complete, as claimed, and will never be sold, then what would be the harm in releasing this as a free download? You could put it on the Amiga Future website and/or cover CD, you would get more visitors to your site, more purchases of your magazine, and in general more support and gratitude from the Amiga community.

To whine in this manner about the actions of one or two people and then refuse to release these materials seems childish, and will definitely hurt the Amiga community. It is not as though there was ever much good OS3.x programming documentation from Commodore, esp. regarding AmigaDOS, so this is just hurting the Amiga and makes it more likely that developers such as myself will leave the platform.

167 committed buyers who would bother emailing about a book that they cannot buy is likely to translate into well in excess of 500 sales, considering that most people would not commit to buying something of which the quality is unknown.

If you give a damn about the Amiga then you will either sell or give away the book (hardcopy or softcopy is not really important). It's a chance to put your money where your mouth is. The Amiga community is watching.

We were considering a subscription to your magazine, (even though for some reason you hardly ever review any of our software) but we will take a wait and see approach.

And by the way it is silly to say you do things for free when you are trying to flog something for money, namely, your magazine. Try writing open source software and then giving it away as we do, and not selling anything, and then I will believe that you do things for free.

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