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The megadrive version is missing Alex and colours, reason for choosing the megadrive version over the Amiga version? I understand the extra buttons, but it is well known the Amiga version is the most faithfull arcade port.

The Golden Axe isnt even golden on the megadrive... its silver... so it should be called Silver Axe.

The megadrive had the duel mode and extra levels though.

The Atari ST and Amiga versions of the game were released in 1990 by Virgin Software. Unlike the PC version, the Amiga version was not a port of the Mega Drive version but was virtually identical to the arcade game with no loss of colors or animations.
however one gameplay difference in the Mega Drive version is that none of the "large" enemies can throw the play at close range.(Which means at very close distances these enemies can't attack the player at all) Due to technical limitations (the media distribution was on a 4 megabit cartridge) the graphics took a noticeable hit, and some complex animations had to be cut. Fewer colors were used on-screen from a smaller palette, background detail was reduced, and parallax scrolling was removed.
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