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Originally Posted by adolescent View Post
Translator - puts a working translate button on the status bar
Cool, might have to download that later. The biggest selling point of Firefox for me is the extensions/plugins, though I like the way it handles tabs, bookmarks and other things too. Here are the plugins I have installed:

Adblock (note, not the same as Adblock Plus, though I'm not really sure what seperates the two)
AutoSlideshow - Shows a slideshow of all images on a page.
BlockSite - Block websites you don't want to visit again, useful when websites get hijacked by hackers and you get automatically redirected elsewhere.
British English Dictionary
ChatZilla - IRC client for Firefox
Connect to address - Allows you to highlight a written (not hyperlinked) web address and connect to it without going through the usual copy and paste business.
Download Statusbar - Moves the information about the files you are downloading to a statusbar at the base of your browser window rather than letting Firefox open a new window for downloads.
Firebug - Web development plugin. Don't really use it much, but I've got it just in case I get curious about the code structure of the webpage I'm looking at.
Firefox Showcase - Bit like the show all tabs function in IE7, one of the few features of that browser I thought was cool.
FireFTP - FTP client for Firefox.
FlashGot - Allows you to easily use external download managers to take care of your downloads. Allows you to download multiple files (such as all media from a website) efficiently.
FoxyTunes - Control any media player from Firefox. One cool thing about this is that if you open your media player (WinAmp for instance) in advance, you can get FoxyTunes to stream things like mp3 files you find on the net, so you don't have to download the whole thing before listening to it.
Go to WindizUpdate - Means you can access Windows updates without going through IE.
NoScript - Blocks Javascript and other plugins for websites, the idea being you only allow scripts for websites you trust to run.
PicLens - Utterly cool. I'll explain more in a minute.
Resurrect Pages - Gives you options to connect to websites through Google Cache and others if the website is currently not allowing you to connect to it.
SearchWith - Gives you a bunch of websites you can use to search with, so you could, for example, look up a word you found using a dictionary to find the meaning.
ShowIP - Shows the IP address (and other hosting information) of a website. Just for fun really.
VideoDownloader - Download videos from YouTube and a bunch of other video sharing websites. Can also download all embedded objects on a page such as movies, mp3s, etc...

I didn't really explain PicLens, as it doesn't sound impressive, but it is a cool function. Take a Google Image Search, for example, press the PicLens button, and you're brought into a really nice environment for looking through your image search results. Best way to see what I mean is to try it:

Firefox 3 is really close to being released now, from what I've heard its got some good features, though Firefox 2 has certainly served me well up until now.
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