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Originally Posted by HenryCase View Post
How did you interpret the meaning of Ralph's e-mail?
i prefer not to add to the negativity more here, briefly i just think that AS

the decision not to debase his work (that would be anyway already available) by making it public by other means than print - and therefore by no means at all, is not in the interest of reaching a large and layered readers, in opposition to his declared intentions

THEN either only the financial reasons are the cause, and he claims that they are not, or he is offended by the action of a one and then he decide to punish all his readers, and that's nonsensical.
As i don't assume anyone being so silly to do that, then i suppose that he simply got disaffected or whatever. easy exit: i saw other half- commercial only publications, born as works of passion for a subject, being canned because at a point the work involved is too much for the repay, so i don't judge him badly, only i rest my case that that explanation has little sense.

i'm ok if we disagree and i sincerely hope that all the people waiting for the book will get it in the end.
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