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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
naaa, thank you, i wasn't interested in the book in the irst place, but that's not what i meant: i meant that after reading those nonsensical explanations (i would have prefered a simple "i've changed my mind, because"), to keep going on this discussion it's just pointless imho.
Weren't interested in the book in the first place? That's fair enough.

The reasons behind Ralph's decision seem pretty clear to me:
1. Feeling disrespected through someone releasing a torrent just before the new print run was about to begin.
2. The impression that the torrent now means the project is financially no longer viable.

We can't do anything about point 1, but point 2 can be shown to be false if we can show interest in purchasing the book is just as strong as the time before the torrent, which is the purpose of the petition. If we get over 169 signatures we show the print run can could still go ahead, though Ralph may need to realise that the torrent creation wasn't the act of a member of the honest Amiga user majority to put point 1 behind him.
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