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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
at this point, who cares? :|
Well the petition to get the newly revised Amiga Guru Book printed has already got around 80 signatures and has only been running for about a day, so plenty of people care.

I think we will soon be able to show interest for the book is just as strong as when the announcement of the print run was first made (in 2007 IIRC). AFAIK there were 169 e-mails sent to express an interest in the print run back in 2007, so if the momentum for the petition carries on the way it has been we will be able to show that the existence of a torrent version of the book hasn't negatively affected the potential success of a print run.

Please sign the petition if you haven't done so already and want to see the newly revised Amiga Guru Book published. Thank you.
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