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I already have the hardcopy, and it is a great book filling in parts I could not find in all my other programming books. As I am coding on OS3.x, I really need the updates provided - also there are not many programming books out there taking OS3.x into account (are there any at all?), so this would be really handy.

As many ppl have said, programmers stare at the screen for hours (even at work doing non-programming tasks) so a book is great when you need a more in depth read. Yeah online is better for searching and reference lookups, but a book is much better overall and preferred by me if you could only have either. Negates the searchability advantage of digital a bit if you know the book well enough and it has a good index.

Have signed the petition that I would pre-order. It is now up to 23 ppl.

btw, I was not going to buy the book as i already had the hard copy, until i found out there were actual updates including OS3.x instead of just bugfixes - I would not have known except for all this commotion.

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