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Easy ADF

The easy way of doing it is to download the udated DOpus4 at

And then configure a couple of buttons to E.g.

[ReadADF DF0]
[ReadADF DF1]

and on the right click of those buttons

[WriteADF DF0]
[WriteADF DF1]

I did that and chrunched through about 500 floppies.

I also did a few other kewl buttons in Dopus4 but can't show anyone as my amiga is in a repair shop, (For a YEAR). So another moral, don't trust anyone when it comes to amigas they are all lazy dodgy bastards.

Oh and speaking of DOpus4 a bit more, does anyone know how
to configure a button to compress and decompress LZX's?
I tried for ages and never got it to work.
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