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It's a real shame Ralph feels the way he does about not releasing the book but maybe after some time he may reconsider? Heres hoping anyway.

If you look at what happened with the Live Aid DVD surely some lessons can be learned? Bob Geldof saw 100s of people downloading the torrent of the Live Aid event and saw this of an indication there must be demand so released it on DVD. In my opinion, the fact there is a torrent out there of the guru book and people are downloading surely means there is demand for it and that it would sell if released in paper form. If there was a torrent with nobody downloading it (or no torrent at all) wouldn't that be an indication nobody cared about it? Or, maybe I'm getting the wrong end of the stick.

I own the original guru book and I would even consider buying the updated one aswell as it's a great book and I would be interested in the updated material. I agree with people here when they say they prefer a printed book you can hold and flick through and feel with your own hands.

Perhaps, if enough of us wrote to Ralph he may change his mind? Then again if he is annoyed with the whole situation it may do more harm than good. Worth a try anyway.
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