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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
There's no fight at all from EAB on the legitimity of your businness or the way you choose to contribute to it, while the opinions of single members, which are entitled to, are just that: opinions, make of that what you will.
i dont talk about the problems when i delete a page with pirate copies from our software. i talk here only from the zone.

sure, only a little part from the eab users upload this. and only a little part of eab users write nice comments when i say delete the files.

and the mods do what there can.

but fact is, there are eab users.

i am on the forum amiganews,, amigaworld, amigans, os4welt, GAC, amigaemuboard and many other. but i have only problems with pirate copies on eab.

who gladly would pay you for the services of your site
ahm, our page are complete free.

providing you start respecting the members here a little more
when the members start respecting me and my rights.
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