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Motivation from anything comes from the joy of other people actually appreciating the product, if not, well then the hearts not in it... books are made for reading as audio is made to be heard.

If you've not noticed, people in this thread have been mentioning that the torrent would do nothing but good for the product- in advertisement! - the majority of people who downloaded it wouldn't have bought it anyway!
- but if they find it interesting, ... a lot of people would buy the product!

alone the webpage cost me more as 100 Euro/month. what think you where pay this?
... yeah? .. you must be getting seriously ripped off then! ... I have my own site, plenty of traffic (band site), and pay roughly 50 dollars per 6 months... comes with a .com domain and everything.

Honestly, stop wasting your time in blaming people... Its not doing your reputation any good whatsoever!
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