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Originally Posted by AndreasM View Post
i dont work against you. dont have the time for this

but i say everytime that what i think. and the eab (and only this forum) make me trouble.

and i dont know how i can cooperate with the eab.
well, let's try to make some order here

1) there is no common goal to a community, not one that is shared perfectly by everybody. "amiga" is perceived not in the same way by each member of this board. there are those for which it's a dead platform and so free to get, those who gladly would pay you for the services of your site and a lot of in between, those who couldn't care less, etc.

2) as EAB' policy is to, in all case, stay inside the legality of retrocomputing, as Bippy stated all your claims to copyright of digital stuff have been meet. In the past, your demands have been often poorly mannered or rushed: that's practically the only problem the board itself has had with you. There's no fight at all from EAB on the legitimity of your businness or the way you choose to contribute to it, while the opinions of single members, which are entitled to, are just that: opinions, make of that what you will.

3) you may have had quarrels with other parts that, incidentally are members here. while that is not a problem concerning the board strictly speaking, there are members who have contributed much to EAB life and amiga emulation, and that felt disgruntled at you.
It's not the job of EAB mods to arbitrate who's right or not, but it is to keep a discussion civilized.

so saying you have problems with the board, really it means nothing, and the offer to collaboration i think it stands still, providing you start respecting the members here a little more

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