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Ok, Ive just had a reply from the one person who didnt just say no.
Lets just say the venuemasters idea I put forward turned out to be a bad idea, the one who replied and said they have space has just come back with a quote and there isnt a chance we could use this place.
It is "£1,650.00 per day (09:00-17:00)"

So its safe to say thats out
Now on the up side that was a massive place (I have no idea how many people would come, I said 50 maybe 75), it can take up to 100 people, way to many people but the place had rooms available and I was hoping they wouldnt put a time limit on using the room.. .but they did.

Out of interest I will e-mail Travel Lodge and see what kind of prices they would charge.

Heres a copy of the e-mail:
Dear Oliver,

Thank you for your email and I trust this email finds you well.

The theatre we are able to offer you with power points is Lecture Theatre One, Tanaka Business School @ £1,650.00 per day (09:00-17:00).
Fixed Tiered Lecture Theatre x 100

I would suggest visiting the facilities to determine the space for the keyboard and computer monitor. When is a convenient time for you?

We are able to provide accommodation on campus during Summer Vacation, and have a Hotel Booking Service that offers discounted rates in local 3-4 star hotels.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
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