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Originally Posted by EmuChicken View Post
seriously, you make no sense....

for any project to work, you need to first spend money! ... and you just said... "I dont make money" then say "but when we make money with the project, it goes all to the amiga future webpage"

Blaming pirates, then EAB? ... Seriously, if you want satisfaction, just get something MADE, and then you'll get your rewards... stop blaming stuff!
no, you cant (or would) understand me. thats the problem!

i do many for the community. and when we sell the book in our shop... sure we make the price higher as the print-costs. a package can loose on the way. a book can damage. we need the money to pay this. and at the end, when we really maked money (we talk here about 50-70 Euro) we use the money for the amiga future webpage (new content, new database, updates...).

alone the webpage cost me more as 100 Euro/month. what think you where pay this?
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