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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
This book has nothing to do with eab..

Unfortunately the few mods cannot watch the zone 24 hours a day, so we cannot always know what is in the zone..

Yeah I appreciate you have to tell us sometimes, but how is it our fault what users upload?

All we can do is remove it as soon as it is noticed by someone (you, us, an honest member)!!
i know. the mods/admin delete it.

but you must understand me, too. the problem with the pirate copies is, that they damage every motivation to use my time without money for the community. and when i read than some comments... must nothing say... for me are the eab a big part for MY decide that i do nothing more for this project. the same for the other non profit projects what we would release this year.

when ralph ask me that i help him... sure i do it. bi i do nothing that he change his way.
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