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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Fortunatley the EAB does have the zone, Unfortunately it is occasionally abused. I have always deleted anything from the zone you have requested (Or should I say demanded as manners are not in your vocabulary). I have also removed anything from the zone that is owned by yourselves or has anything to do with you, and also anything which is still maintained (and is not related to you)!

To say EAB is bad, is a waste of time. It is not us who scanned the book, it isn't us that have distributed it and I know for sure there'd be at least a 20-30 members who would have paid for the updated book in either PDF or physical form, myself included!
i dont say the EAB are complete bad. but the eab (right, there deleted when i request. but how many must i request?) have a big part that I (i talk from me, nor for Ralph!) loose my motivation.

Ralph decide to close the project.

the only what i can make is that i talk with him that he changed his opinion.

but i loose my fun at this project.

to many trouble with the pirate copies. i have do enough to start the project, that ralph write changes and make the print data. i search a print company what can print books from 50-xxx for a good price. all this for free. i would dont make money. when we have maked money with the project i would give all to the amiga future webpage. i do many for this project (and other), but when i read sime comments i must ask: why? and why think people that i there help that Ralph change his mind.

i dont damage the project.

say thanks to the uploader from the torrent!
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