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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
How dose A
Unfortunately, the release of the 800-page extended edition of the Amiga Guru Book (covering OS 3.x and beyond) scheduled for April was preempted by some fool seeding a scan of the older version into one of those pirate-to-pirate networks
Prove B
eliminating all hopes of me ever being able to recover the cost of a reprint

Perosnaly I can`t see the logic

just sounds like fee advertising 2 me
well on that i can understand the position of the author, most of all if he too aspires (perish the thought) to see some money for his work, cut the expenses of publishing.

i would say that if you run the numbers of the publication and you amount to a minimun number of people needed to buy the book to meet the expenses and that's larger than the number of people you think will buy it after having advertised it to your target market AND your target market is also the only one eventually interested to the same text online as a torrent...

i need to learn to use pauses in my phrases...
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