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i work for free, just for fun. the pirates damage my fun. why the user think i must anythink do?
No, they dont damage your fun, you just THINK they do...

Is it not enough what i make for the community? the Amiga Future page, fullversion foir free download and many other.
Really? .... damn I'm not up to date at all ;-) - I just remember the ACP company messing around with the downloads on WHDLoad sites etc...

Edit: uh, better apologize... sorry everyone for going a bit nuts! :-) ... unintended... I just get irritated at times... Did anyone remember my site maybe around 6-10 years back? I had like Amiga kickstart roms up for download... amiga games, adfs, snes, megadrive, arcade, amstrad roms all up for free download? I didn't even pay anyone... just all from my heart... I had fun making the site, and people had fun playing the games I provided.... It was probably illegal but I had a banner that said if you dont own it , you need to detelete it within 24 hours... so it was completely legal like.... ;-)

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