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Originally Posted by EmuChicken View Post
@Andreas.,.. if you want to print the book, PRINT IT ALREADY! . .. Theres ALWAYS going to be pirates, hackers and whatever... I mean look at video games sales... if you're gonna just keep complaining about piracy, then you'll NEVER get anything done...

I like downloading audio cds n stuff... HOWEVER... if I like it , I BUY IT! - and I'm sure this rings true to anything available online (unless not available elsewhere!)

This projects not dead due to piracy... its due to you guys not printing it! - piracy, as always, is just a lame excuse.
again. Ralph say no.

and i dont like, too. i work for free, just for fun. the pirates damage my fun. why the user think i must anythink do?

edit: @ "ACP & TCP" as a company... if you want money, make something worth buying and do so. If you want to support the community, share your old (see: Ancient) work that you're trying to sell today (and most probably failing!)
is it not enough what i make for the community? the Amiga Future page, fullversion foir free download and many other.

with our sorftware we payed the develope from new software. we payed the pages. why think everybody when i make some for free i must do all for free?
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