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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
so print it through an on-demand service like lulu, who wants to have it on print, he will, while you'll have some kind of money back.
Ralph say no. and i dont invest more time to talk with ralph for this way...

anyway, either your project is dead or it is not, that's why i said this proclames by you guys are overkill.
the pirate user where spread the copie kill the project.

EAB doesn't have anything to do with the torrent file on subject and i don't see how you take for granted support for a book or whatever: publishing is your businness, just that. however, best of luck for it.
dont know.

but EAB are a part from the what kill my fun at this project. how many copies from the Guru-Book must i delete in the zone? 3? 4?
that the reason why i dont invest time to talk with Ralph for change his decide.

sure, i am the bad guy for you. but i dont kill the project! the project killed by the pirates.
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