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Originally Posted by Mikey_C View Post
It is already known that we try to reprint the English Amiga Guru Book by Ralph Babel.
Some additions were also planned to the original book.
The German Amiga Guru Book is available for some time now.

Nevertheless some Amiga users needed to put some pirated copies of the book online.
The print material is ready and actually we wanted to give it to the printing press.

But since several weeks there is a torrent with a pirated copy of the English Amiga Guru Book online.

Due to the fact that some Amiga users don't show up any support towards those who keep their platform up and try to supply them with information this project is hereby discontinued.

That's why the Amiga Future project AGG which should be financed through the reprint has also been discontinued.

Original statement by Ralph Babel:

Unfortunately, the release of the 800-page extended edition of the Amiga Guru Book (covering OS 3.x and beyond) scheduled for April was preempted by some fool seeding a scan of the older version into one of those pirate-to-pirate networks, eliminating all hopes of me ever being able to recover the cost of a reprint, so the project had to be stopped immediately to avoid further loss of time and money. Thank you, Keith.

Originally Posted by AndreasM View Post
when you love it, ok.

i am not. i would like print the book.

if there's a book available as a torrent that means the book wouldn't need no further or little work to be complete and it is just not viable to you economically to print it because of the reasons above.

so print it through an on-demand service like lulu, who wants to have it on print, he will, while you'll have some kind of money back.

anyway, either your project is dead or it is not, that's why i said this proclames by you guys are overkill.

EAB doesn't have anything to do with the torrent file on subject and i don't see how you take for granted support for a book or whatever: publishing is your businness, just that. however, best of luck for it.
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