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Originally Posted by 5h00n4y View Post
That's the spirit of retro games, no leet hints every fucking step ("now press the start button to enter menu and press x to"... ) but it makes you stuck now and then...
yeah that was great! it was the only way to force me actually play a game
now that cheats come out of the walls screaming, on the other hand...

the only thing that could be of use without spoil the fun were those half assed maps without hints nor walkthroughs or even a legenda that were print on dark brown paper on a popular italian magazine. it was like having a burned and scarred map to a treasure island, it didn't stop the fun.

however Black Crypt was one of these game that took me ages to get next to the end... no matter the tweaked stats... because of multilevel puzzles and hidden buttons... Great!
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