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YES! Someone in the world who doesn't use mobiles!!!!!!!

I thought I was the only one not dependent on these brain-frying devices!

They drive me mad. The constant beeping from text messages; the millions of people walking down the street and driving along doing what it appears to be talking to themselves; having a face-to-face conversation rudely interrupted by their horrible high-pitched rings; people constantly fiddling with text messages everywhere you look. Makes me sick, the whole worlds addicted!

The other week this mobile phone sales person came on and started the usual crap "Sir, we've noticed you don't have a mobile phone account etc. etc."

When I told them where to shove their "free" mobile, they acted like I was some kind of deranged lunatic freak for not wanting to be wired 100% of the time, and in the end downright rood:

"er? I don't understand? EVERYONE needs and has mobiles in this day and age, what's wrong with you?" as an example of one of their comments.

Although I'll admit mobiles have their uses in certain situations, pay-as-you go would is as far as I'm willing to stretch. In fact, I've got a pay-as-you go phone lying unregistered in my room from Christmas 2000!!! I'm sure a situation might arise when I need to use that thing, but everyday dependant use? No way.............unless Amiga games can be played or EAB connected 247 on the thing. Now then I’d join in on the craze!
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