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Come on, guys! Surely you're not serious?
Honestly now, what did you expect?
Selling a few copies the first day and getting away before it get's pirated?

Today, everything you could see & hear can be pirated, but still having the real deal makes it feel so good! (STFU Ironclaw! )

A real book is a real book, I don't know many people who would consider seriously getting a book and read it all on a computer's screen. My eye's would pop-out!
There's nothing like feeling it phisically, holding it's sharp edges, smelling it soft and smooth scent... and... alright, I'm getting too personal now...
Besides, those who got the pirated version aren't gonna read it anyways...

Go on guys, create some kind of "would you get it or not" poll, some inside view of the community's needs and reconsider printing it!

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