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Hi Rebel, Good stuff mate!
Most impressive indeed.


Graham, et al.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
. If we could somehow track the author down, maybe (just maybe) we could get him to release the source code and perhaps some bright spark could update it (i.e. fix the bugs, AGA support etc)...
Most of the code in the executable looks like AMOS stuff to me.

Not being that familiar with AMOS, I'm not sure if the non-standard loader that the "backbone" executable uses is created by AMOS, or whether it has been crunched/ciphered by something else.
The XFD programs don't see any recognisable crunch signatures.

(might add, made it a bugger to crack )

Source for AMOS, including the compiler is available from:

If all else fails, we could always reverse engineer all/part of it to modify/add modules, or at least make it AGA compatible.

Non-trivial excercise, but would be fun!

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