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Clockwiser- The music greatly aids the puzzle atmosphere. Mixture of themes but my favorite is the one that sounds like a starry night over a fantasy landscape. Unfortunately the backgrounds in Clockwiser are only blends of colors and nothing distinct like the pictures the music creates in your mind. Adding such artwork would do the atmosphere better justice.

Sleepwalker- A sentimental favorite. It's pretty much the only thing that keeps me coming back to this absurdly difficult game. Nighttime sleepwalking music which appropriately complements the isolationist feel of the first two levels. Can't say for sure if it complements the other levels as I have never been able to get to them. A damn shame this game wouldn't allow for more safe spots (i.e. leaving Lee between two walls). And the fact Lee got damaged slightly just by touching a wall was simply aggravating. Far better to listen to the soundtrack than play the actual game.

Super Stardust- One of the only things I can remember about this game is that the soundtrack was noticeably good. I really did not care for the gameplay though. After having played the vastly superior remake, I think I will give this one another shot (literally). Super Stardust has been freeware for awhile. You can get it here.

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I love cd32 cdda tracks on some cd32 games
benefactor cd32 incredible music...egyptian and techno levels are awesome
Does anyone have a cue file for Benfactor CD32? I'm planning on converting the .ogg tracks into .wav files and then mounting them together with the ripped game image. I've never been able to find the full CD image so the cue file would help me make one. The cue I have doesn't list the CD tracks.
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