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Some great reads put forward EAB brothers, two of which I’ve never read before . Twistin has suggested we need some direction with categories. Here are a few I suggest - please add some of your own and we’ll decide which are best and slap together a final awards list.

Members awards:

Biggest Amiga Gusher
Most Loyal Amiga user
Most Dedicated to EAB
Best avatar
Best Name

Thread Awards:

Biggest Pro-Amiga/Gusher-thread
Best defence of the Amiga
Best game genre
Most Entertaining
Most Nostalgic
Most heated (if they haven't been deleted)
Best Debate

The BIG awards

Best overall thread
Best overall member

Once we’ve got these categories sorted then we can move onto nominating threads for each one. Finally, we’ll have a vote and name the winners!!!!!!……..that is of course if you guys are still interested

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