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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
(Not to mention that by the time they were finished Freescale had already stopped making the Coldfire they chose )
They picked the v4e (MCF5475 to be exact) which is still the fastest Coldfire around (266Mhz) and is very much still made.

Also looking at the way elbox designed it they added it as a second processor using the PCI bus as a bridge, meaning the 68K CPU would have still been used for none Coldfire software.

Mine is the one that was to tied in to the hardware. (Although even that, the older V4 Coldfire is very much still in production)

The main question regarding adding a Coldfire or PPC to the NatAmi on how its designed, the PPC's used on the Cyberstorm card only has one interrupt if Im correct (been a while since I read up on it) and the card has a register holding information on what irq was generated. The Coldfire only has four, but the old Amiga design uses all seven.
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