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Originally Posted by frikilokooo View Post
It seems that they are thinking about using another CPU no 68k.No way!it would not be an Amiga for me
It doesnt matter cos they will almost certainly fail. This is not the first time people have tried to make coldfire for Amiga (and Atari for that matter). It's incompatibility with the core 68k and it's emulation software libraries of missing features lowers speed to below that of a 060 for lots of applications.

Great if the code can be recompiled / hacked to take out the problematic stuff, crap if it cannot.

The concensus was (last time I looked) that Amiga software relies too heavily on the missing features of the Coldfire.

Almost certainly why the Dragon1200 from Elbox was dumped. (Not to mention that by the time they were finished Freescale had already stopped making the Coldfire they chose )

I wish them all the best, a new pair of eyes might find something that the others overlooked.
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