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Yeah, I got rid of the original domain name and replaced it with something equally obtuse. Changing the keys, eh? From what I remember, you need to change to about the 4th frame or so on the main timeline (or just keep moving along the timeline until you hit the frame that shows the actual game layout). Click on the white fighter, bring up the Actions window, then locate the keydown function (OnClipEvent(keyDown), or something like that). There should be a big switch() statement; each value represents the keycode of a key on the keyboard. If you can work out which buttons on the PSP correspond to which keycode it should be easy to change the values, recompile, and run it.

Note that you can get a little bit more speed by switching to "fast" mode; I think that they key to enable this is listed in the attract sequence. It should definitely be on the website, anyway. I *think* that you can get at the extra keycode functions by clicking on one of the components of the score bar. It'll be the fist logo, or the speed indicator, or the timer, or one of those things. You should find the keys to change the background graphics, the speed keys, the start game keys, etc.

Alternatively, you could try searching the entire project for "keyCode". However, Flash MX's ActionScript search functionality is *rubbish*.

Spaghetti code (necessitated by the dismal lack of speed exhibited by Flash MX) is one of the big reasons why I never got around to finishing the game.

Oh, the game is double the original resolution, so it's 640x400, or thereabouts.
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