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Originally Posted by Fingerlickin_B View Post
Everything is done right, the install is good, no errors reported, Kickstart ROM installed, OS installed, ADF images installed...all good right?!?!

Oh man, this is making me scream F&^^%* SH^*&%&*((*&&*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*edit* - Oh yeah, please help me!

Hi, sorry for the silence... I've been *really* busy for the last few weeks on another similar project.

It looks to me like your .uaerc doesn't agree with E-UAE. When you try to run it, it should create a log file in /home/xamiga - that should tell you what the problem is (boot from the Installer CD or Knoppix, or whatever, and navigate to that directory).

The shutdown 'feature' that is so infuriating is meant to shut down the computer when one exits E-UAE. However, the side effect is that when there's a problem starting E-UAE, the computer tends to shut down straight away.

There's an FAQ item in the documentation section on the X-Amiga website: "Why does X-Amiga start, then shut down almost immediately?"

I intend to add a load of fixes/improvements/changes as soon as I have time - ie. as soon as this current (similar ;-) project is over.

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