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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
i've always wondered about Lemmings 1 level editing. the L2 editor is excellent, but it would be really good to be able to make new 2 player levels for the original.

would it be a tricky task working it out then jotd? the files did look like gibberish when i looked into it before i must admit.

the best unofficial ones i can think of are Lemmings 2 and Cannon Fodder.
I read in RetroGamer the programmers saying that each "oh no" levels had to be shipped with a new program file, because traps were code driven.

I guess they had an editor (for pictures, initial position of lemmings, exit...) but they had to code something for most of levels too.
At the time, most games were not designed to be expandable. The programmers had enough tough time meeting the release deadlines

Other example: Gods contains self-modifying code. When you disable a trap (using a lever), it inserts a NOP or a RTS somewhere to disable the trap.

If you want new levels for lemmings, I suggest that you get hold of the excellent lemmings remake for Windows (really awesome work):

and then bug the author for new levels & level editor.

I think nowadays the future of game expansion lies in game remakes. I mean not game resourced to be ported to other plaforms (GBA unofficial Another World, Car Vup versions, Reminiscence aka Flashback remake from original data files), but games rewritten not using the original code at all, and with the help of a powerful editor to first recreate the original levels, and then to create new ones.
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