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once again i agree that it has to do with nostalgia but it does not explain all...see as said earlier in the post, focus was in innovative gameplay, multiplayer fun back then....true that at the time amiga blow me away due to its advanced graphics and sounds but more than that it was at a crossroad : best rendering / gameplay-fun mix in my opinon...

but as i said in a previous post the wii experience is a very noticable modern effort to focus again on gameplay and multiplayers fun experiences again. and its success is the evidence that more and more players got fed up with the so called "hard core" players clones....

what enhanced plateforms (ps1 to 3, xbox, nintendo 64 /gamecube) missed also was the fact that recreating an universe, simulating an experience, aiming at virtual reality is far from gaming in my sense...a real game is a kind of puzzle to be solved and one of its key elements is :LINEARITY!! if you want to share a gaming experience there must be a main road for every player to follow (even if we can imagine a few contorsions / hidden paths along the road to make the experience different from time to time/ player to player)..

modern games emphasized way too much on the degree of FREEDOM given to the that they became closer to universes to explore than REAL GAMES. i don't hate virtual reality but it has nothing to do with's like when you read a book or watch a movie, there has to be a good storyLINE to keep your interest alive!!
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