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Toni Wilen
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Beta 17:

- hardware mouse cursor trails fixed when cursor height > width
- cursor directdraw surface handling changed, perhaps workaround for buggy drivers
- fullscreen to fullscreen picasso96 mode switching work properly when "Match host and RTG color depth if possible" is off (instant switch without resetting display mode)
- Picasso96 "fake" (320x200 etc..) display resolutions fixed (resolutions disappeared few betas ago)
- added 1.5M chip ram option (A500Plus + 0.5M trap door expansion) NOTE: do not use with JIT, JIT does not like non-power-of-2 RAM
- added 384M/768M/1.5G Z3 RAM options (enables second Z3 RAM board, 384M = 256M+128M, 768M = 512M+256M...) Why? Because on most PCs 1G is not possible (without having 64-bit OS) but 768M is usually possible and lots of RAM is fun and pointless
- Z3 RAM is now always mapped (more compatible with some reset proof programs)
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