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Arkanoid has not been surpassed, no. Revenge of Doh was nonsense.
Asteroids? Super Stardust AGA owns it: just look at those rotating rocks and trance-tunnels!
Jet Set Willy? Played that on Amstrad CPC 464, as a kid. Playing that these days would be an exercise in masochism.
Elite? I prefer Frontier. I'm flat-shaded/texture generation, not wireframe.

I agree with your general sentiment, however (landmarks). Populous for Amiga.

I prefer some oldskool games, not so much for nostalgic reasons, but because of elegant playability.

Many Amiga games play so smoothly/silkily, this is what I like. And their responsiveness, and amazing music/sounds.

Something about those custom chips, methinks... artistic and very creative use of them.
Hyperrealism in modern games is overrated.
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