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The game is not the best on first impressions (as many reviews said) but after a few hours with a mate you would have soon been sucked in (well in 1989 anyway! ). It received some good reviews if I remember rightly, but not the highest in the graphics and sound department

If this title had been released in 1994 with the same playability, more eye candy and running from 5 disks (eg, Hired Guns) people would be more ready to accept it. Thankfully, the graphics & sound don't distract from the overall gameplay, just act as a wall for new people to accepts its charms.

As for the combat system, don't be fooled by the flapping arms thing! Once you develop more spells it's more fun than many other RPG's!

I could go on defending the game with positives and you insulting with negatives until we're blue in the face but since....

"Isn't it funny how defensive we all get about something that's so down to personnel taste and experience. We'll never agree! "'s probably pointless to do so.

Your choice, Dungeon Master, was the game that got me interested in Bloodwych in the first place . That was one hell of a pioneering release and if it wasn't DM, I probably wouldn’t have experienced the essence of what is Bloodwych (for those who Dare tm. )

BTW, I've found I need to point out the light hearted thing because some people fail to sense irony and turn threads into a flame war! Glad not too many people on EAB have this problem. Better safe than sorry however.
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