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Oki, Last things first :P

The filenames in TOSEC do suck as a lot exceed the joliet 64 char limit (i think its 64 ), and we had a bit of whining from other bulk collectors on the web about it also.
Right now, we are not really concerned with making files comfortable for cd, and infact for 'real' amiga users with the 30 char limit on the Amy filesystem. What we are concerned about is data retention, especially since most of the tosec dats only have information in the filename, and not extra information offloaded into a database.
When we finally get TUGID happening, shouldn't be too long now, we will have a database with an inline renamer, so filenames can be stripped as need be to fit within media/filesystem constraints .

And on with the show;
That program you mentioned Twistin' sounds like absolute crap, especially if it performance degrades over time :laugh

Enclosed here are two versions of one program I wrote many years ago.
What it does is reliably dump out a disk to a harddrive or ramdisk. So anyone using this proggy must remember to have the available resources.
Directions are: From a CLI window >readdisk[0/1] 'path:filename'

Then you will see this 'oOoOoOo...........', each circle represents a read sector, the program will keep rereading sectors it cannot get first time (good for dusty disks) and if all else fails, you can hold down the RMB to skip that sector (remember, this will result in a bad dump of whatever you are trying to copy, so mark it as such)
If a sector read fails 80 times (i think), the program will abort
Also, if you eject the disk while its reading, abort and of course if u run it without a disk in the drive.
Its a very basic program, and was never intended for use by anyone other than me, however as a stopgap for people using crappy programs, i am sending it out.
There are 2 versions of the file, one for df0: > readdisk0 ... and one for df1: > readdisk1

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