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You've posted above that “graphics don’t make everything” and then go on to insult a game you’ve played for 2 seconds, all because the graphics are crap LOL You must admit that’s a bit hypocritical.

Bloodwych has SOOO much more depth once played with a mate split screen, hence the various bold pointers given above because I predicted an ignorant response such as yours! I’ve spent so many hours on this game it’s not funny (and every friend who has every played it LOVES this game).

The game itself was released in 1989 (well before most others) and remains one of the only two player split screen RPGs in existence! It was unique for the time, which is what made it stand out. You really have to appreciate the era this game was played in. It can’t have really good graphics due to the implementation of the two player system – it was designed to be played with joysticks hence lots of screen space for icons and in fact this works extremely well.

It’s very hard to give a game as old as this a chance in modern times and your assessment is understandable, but those who played it back then when it was first released will tell you it’s a great game for the gameplay, teamwork, 2-player fighting and puzzles. The spells are real fun as well – Zeewolf, remember locking your mates in rooms with summons, killing yourself with arcbolt or your mate cursing you as you crapped witchwind everywhere - this game ooozzzed playability. It also introduced many elements of unique roleplaying never before seen at this time.

I’ve already admitted the other games are far better for a one player romp, but you really can’t judge this game unless you sit down and play it the way it was designed to be played – 2 player team work (or fights!).

As for the Darlo jibe, that’s a bit low in the belt. Can’t help but notice you’re not proud enough to post your home residence so how can I fight back?

Darlington's great – home of the world’s first railway, best division 3 football stadium, the brick train and Routes 66 cheap vodka! We’re even written on the £5 note. How many places in the UK have that privilege?

And to think I'd uploaded Hunter HD for you. (Joking)

*Please take my defence in good light-hearted humour Steve, as I have your jibes!

PS isn't it funny how defensive we all get about something that's so down to personnel taste and experience. We'll never agree!

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