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Originally posted by Burseg
What do you mean by saying "even the ishars". Surely EOBs playability is better than ishars but Ishar III has the best graphics I've seen on Amiga.
Graphics don't make everything. I played Ishar III for months. It's got really good atmosphere and of course good graphics as well. It is AGA after all. I still mean to complete that game one day. Overall the game isn't in the same class as DM or EOB1&2. Amiga Classics. They are in the RPG Premiership alongside Liberation. I'd say Ishar III is Division 1. It's good but not the best. As for Bloodwych... that would struggle to get into a league of pub teams. LOL. I've not tried it in multiplayer but what I saw of the single player experience wasn't very much fun. Apart from the moment when I laughed at it.

Hey Poppe have you tried Dragon Wars. That's another RPG.
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