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Originally Posted by viddi View Post
Hey Oli,
So, can I count on you for next year?! Would be great.
Yeah, no problem at all. Oh except I epect a t-shirt saying "organiser" for the meet, just so I can lord it over the rest of you.

getting a place shouldnt be hard,..
heck, get a power generator and do it in a park. open air, weather has to allow though...
For a one day meet yeah, you want to make a weekend of it and you need to plan places to stay, dinner, over night parking etc.
One day meets are nice (specially at the Alt.WOA pub, mmm) but I thought the plan was something along the lines of everyone brining their A500-A4KT (And A1's/Pegs if they begged enough) and we just played games, with the odd A500 set up at the front with a big tv for head to head games. (I could be wrong)
That would be out the window for a one day event, it would take the day to set the place up and then break it down.

Im going to continue chatting to the one "contact" just to get a price and will get back to you all anyway, just to know if these uni places are cheap enough to think about. (dunno what the target price is but 15 for two days would be ok I would think)
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