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Hey Bloodwych. I decided to go to your site and download Bloodwych and give it a try out. I was astounded with what I saw. What a pile of shit this game is. How can you possibly like it. It's not even in the same class as DM or EOB or even the Ishars. The graphics are just terrible and the playability even worse. The people walking around (or should I say floating) look like they've just came out of an episode of South Park. Simply awfull. It looks like a dodgy PD game. Me thinks you must be completely insane to like this game. Hold on I've just noticed you're from Darlington. Home for the clinically insane in Britain.

Who among you can defend this poor excuse for a game?

Originally posted by Bloodwych
Retroman, you do realise that you need a Bloodwych save position to play the data disk?

If you're playing the game on a real Amiga the disk versions are fine, but for emulators use the hard drive versions, they work a treat!

Here is the Amiga download page from the site linked above. It should have everything you need:

Amiga Download Page
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