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I'll admit, hired guns is a great multiplayer just beaten by Bloodwych in my opinion. If you check out the game, don't forget to play Bloodwych 2 (named the extended levels/data disk) as it's got some additional neat features. I'd just like to reiterate however:

This game MUST be played 2-player split screen. It's blasphemy to do otherwise! (And you'll see why when you start a one-player game, it only uses half the screen!)

jmmijo - Yep, Amiga games were all still superior in that era (and still are?). The PC Bloodwych also has a bug (no surprises there) meaning it's impossible to finish the game!!!!

Black Crypt - did anyone ever finish this? I remember playing it for days only to get stuck very deep into the game. Can't remember where since it's been so long; I'll have to dig up the save disk.

Burseg - I've played Ishar III but it really pisses me off when your forced to disband your beloved team! All that work then BANG - some loser has to travel with you for a while forcing you to sacrifice your favourite characters. It does create a real RPG atmosphere though, especially the intro music.

About RPG's on the GBA:

I'd love to see a modern Bloodwych on the GBA!!!! On link-up it'd prove a most excellent experience, if not a little strenuous on the eyes.

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