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Originally Posted by viddi View Post
I´m still busy with all my real life stuff.
I´d be happy if someone could help, ´cause I can´t be very active for one or two months.
I went and asked a few of the london uni's (from a link earlier) about a small place for the meet and have had two straight no's and one yes so far.
The yes didnt say anything other than:
"In regard to your request for tables for people to bring their computers, is a fixed tiered lecture theatre with benches for your delegates to set up with computers suitable?"
Delegates? hmm I did say user group but mehh.
so no price as yet (may be expensive as its London) or availablility (although I said summer so..)
Anyone else tried getting a place anywhere?
I guess a TravelLodge would be a good idea price wise...

They do ask how many people, anyone want to take a guess? (I mean if we are going to let none-eab guys come it could be 35 it could be 75, I dunno. heck it could be 10)
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