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Originally Posted by jmmijo View Post
@alexh, are you giving and over/under on the odds
I think they have a couple of Maverick coders on the team, but to me, it looks like little or no marketing or sales experience and no cash.

They might make the best Amiga ever, but if it costs £500+ then few will buy it. Just as very few bought the C-one, Pegasus, Amiga-One etc.

To be successful they need to clamp costs vs features and work towards a final price that is acceptable. They need to find a sponsor, look big, approach people like Google, Yahoo, M$, Apple etc. Their "reconfigurable computer" would be a cheap tax right off to most big companies.

The MiniMig is a good example; at it's current price and it's current features it is not viable for most users. Poor ACube must not have the money or ability to cost reduce the design and improve features.

Which is a shame because it's sooo close to viable. If it had 6.5Mbytes of RAM and hard drive emulation even at it's current price it would look attractive to an A500/A600!
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