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It's a very interesting project but I do have a few doubts about it's viability. To actually create a 2008 version of the AGA HW circa 1994 would cost crazy money

I think that the only way something like this could be ‘successful’ is with some big marketing and development money behind it.

Natami is obviously retro HW and should be marketed as such; it makes no sense trying to market it as the 2008 equivalent of the ‘classic’ HW.

It’s a real shame that this kind of cool HW update wasn’t released 10 years ago when it would have sold very well.

Probably the best way to sell it for the least amount of investment would be as direct replacement 1200/4000 motherboards that you could just wack into your existing case.

Maybe if it was an officially endorsed and supported Amiga Inc product in a nice (updated) but still retro 1200 case that would sell ok (eg slimmed-down, built in CD drive).....from what I heard though, they have a few issues with marketing products.

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