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S4amuri, nice pic.
Anyone really, I think my a1200 gave up at around 3.1, what is the 3.5 like?

Khephren- any ideas are appriciated, e-mail me anything else you think up and if you come across anything I can use do say.

Bobic- The Oldskool disc might not be Amiga style, Barock (100% prophets/TSL) contacted me, he was confused about my name and thought I was an old member of TSL. I went to the TSL web page and they are looking for PC coders and anyone wishing to try their luck should send them a demo. I thought a fake Amiga demo would fit in nicely. I don't really want to hassle Barock for graphics, he probably has enough on his plate doing the 100% Prophets stuff. Do you remember MCM, he did a fair bit of graphics work all round, the problem is I don't have a direct link with him, he speaks as much English as I do German (None at all) and he does stuff when he wants to.

If no one can help it looks like i'll have to get my large knock-romiter out and bash the a1200 into submission and do some screen grabs.
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